global digital news

Max Media Ventures owns and publishes a range of market-leading digital news sites. These all serve as business to business portals, with editorial integrity at the heart of each and every story. As experts within each field, our digital news is relied upon by readers in almost every country, globally, daily. These sites include:
The only global website to the party sector, incorporating balloons, fancy dress and partyware.
At the heart of the gift product sector, is an invaluable resource for those in the supply and retail of product in the busy gift trade. is the only trade website offering up to date news and sector information across toy, nursery, apparel, publishing, and everything in-between.
The central media to the licensing sector, offerering a website full of up to date news, information, and analysis.
Serving the very specialist housewares and cookware sector, this news website delivers unique news to thousands of inboxes every week.
Always first with the latest news, industry changes, product and retail information.